[note color=”#f11f7d”]Voici un article d’une collaboratrice anglophone sur sa vision de la psychoéducation: [/note]

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Cathy Alçada Martins,
psycho educator

[/frame]Psycho education is a multitude of processes and principles based on multiple disciplines such as: pedagogy, neuroscience, medicine, biology, psychology, etc. It aims towards the best physical and mental development of the human being. It has a soft character which is hold by this big amount of empathy and unconditional acceptance of the other. Psycho education doesn’t search for the perfect being, instead it helps the significant other to realize its qualities and imperfections and accept them in a way that will make him want to overcome any difficulty that may appear. Psycho education just doesn’t make you quit. It empowers you to believe in yourself and keep moving forward. It gives you the tools in order to do just that!

Having in mind several scientific, psychological, social and biological concepts and theories, the psycho educator works always with other medical, social technical staff. This derives from the concept that the human being is formed by multiple systems that should be taken in consideration at all times.

The psycho educator is a professional who always sees the potential in each person who he works with. Together, they make efforts based on trust, beliefs, and knowledge. They serve as a guide, as a counsellor, as a light in a person’s path.

Even though psychology serves as a base for psycho education, they have not the same body of work.

While psychology is often a face-to-face direct contact between the counsellor and the client, psycho education is dynamic, can be groupal or not, can have a preventable vein or can be assumed as a treatment. Psycho education demands interventions: it means being there with you, and maybe even with your family and friends, your past, your present, and most of all,  requires believing in your future!

Cathy Alçada Martins